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Medicare Advantage is Growing: Are you Ready?

Updated: Apr 3

The growth of Medicare Advantage (MA), by almost every measure, is continuing at an explosive rate with no end in sight. The ramifications of this growth are both broad and inviting.

Nearly 30 million Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in MA plans nationwide, representing more than 46% of the Medicare-eligible population, according to Mark Farrah Associates. And there are more MA plan options than ever available to beneficiaries. The impact touches all corners of our business.

What to do?

Any healthcare related business should already have MA on their strategic radar, if not already in their portfolio. If you don't, you should. Even businesses that are not directly involved in healthcare should be exploring how to capitalize on this opportunity.

In a new article featured by Gibson Consultants, I outline the growth of MA and how to capitalize on it.

Unsure where to start? Our team has a strategic path based on the final rule and what health plans should be thinking and planning for 2022 and beyond. Contact us TODAY to get started.

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