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Jill Stillman

Senior Consultant

Jill brings more than a decade of technical and consulting expertise in the Medicare Advantage and Part D managed care industry. She has worked with numerous health plans to implement and support compliance software products and has also assisted with marketing material review, mock Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) audits, delegation oversight programs, and the overall streamlining of compliance processes for Medicare organizations.

Jill is a skilled technical advisor for software design and development. She has expertise in managing and developing SaaS products, including software design, programming, developing production documentation, BETA testing, and release support. She has overseen multiple concurrent software implementations and served as the primary contact for clients for ongoing training, support, and troubleshooting.

Prior to joining Rebellis Group, Jill served as Senior Product Manager at Gorman Health Group, where she managed several compliance software products, including specification development, ongoing software development management, documentation management, implementation, and an end-to-end redesign. Jill also worked on an enrollment reconciliation team, resolving thousands of retroactive cases and providing support for beneficiary enrollment processing, as well as performing many compliance and operational consulting engagements.

Jill Stillman
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