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Caitlin Purdy


Caitlin brings over 5 years of experience working in the compliance realm of the Medicare Advantage industry.  Her experience comes from working at a small health plan that has made substantial changes and service area expansions over the past 5 years. Adept with coordination and versatility, Caitlin supported both the Compliance and Special Needs Plan teams through a CMS Program Audit and the subsequent Audit Validation during her first year in the industry.


Caitlin went on to manage coordination and communications during all external regulatory audits for the health plan, and she led business owners through five successful Parts C & D Reporting submissions and Data Validation Audits. Her expertise also includes Corrective Action Plan creation/management, new hire administration, and creation of training courses and policies/procedures.


Caitlin is skilled at working with cross-functional teams to create or enhance processes to ensure compliance and operational needs are met. With a sharp eye for details, Caitlin is able to balance the minutiae of a project with the big picture and overall goals of the business. She brings excellent problem solving and organizational skills to every project, establishing open lines of communication and using the resources at hand to construct systems that are easy to follow.


Caitlin's leadership ability, drive, and core values based on mutual respect, communication, and ethical operation practices ensures progress and success of projects in which she leads or participates.

Caitlin Purdy
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