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Member Experience – The Only Way to Succeed in Medicare Advantage

In case you were unable to join Rebellis Group and Carrot Health for our discussion around the importance of Member Experience – we've provided below a list of the key take-aways, as well as a link to download the presentation.

  • STARs measures around member experience will account for over 50% of all measures by 2023.

  • CMS has increased weighting on STARs measures related to beneficiary experience, they have also maintained a steadfast program audit approach related to both access to care as well as access to beneficiary “rights” such as the Appeals and Grievance process.

  • CMS has made it clear via their STARs measures and program audit approach that success in member experience is not optional for plan sponsors to survive in the program, yet many plans continue to struggle to connect the necessary data points to understand the full picture of beneficiary experience (both leading and lagging indicators).

  • If your organization hasn’t yet done so, now is the time to assemble a cross-functional team to ensure that you can move the needle in time to impact your STARs measures.

You can download the full webinar recording here.

If you don’t know where to start, please contact me directly at



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