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How Medicare Advantage Plans Will or Will Not Succeed, With Betsy Seals

Updated: Apr 3

Here’s a big thing that Betsy Seals makes clear in this show: Big companies can be successful in Medicare Advantage (MA)—and I mean success in all of its financial glory—because they have experience and the scale and also the specialized departments who keep track of all kinds of intricacies that are rate critical to MA success.

Specifically, things Betsy Seals talks about as critical success factors, for example, are having relationships with brokers and health systems, and other provider organizations. She also makes it clear how much local market knowledge is necessary.

A benefit design working great in one local market might be a medical trend disaster in another area with different levels of social determinants of health (SDoH) or different disease patterns, so scaling into new areas isn’t a matter of just cutting and pasting. History has shown it’s easy enough to go down in a flaming ball of unanticipated medical trend and/or OIG/DOJ scrutiny.


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