Michael Welch Photo.png

Michael Welch
Senior Consultant

Michael Welch has over fifteen years of experience in Medicare Advantage/Part D in operations, technology implementation and process improvement.  He has held roles with local and national health plans, technology solution and consulting organizations. 

Working collaboratively with both operational and senior leadership, the bulk of his focus has been on technology implementation and process improvement.  Michael has led multi-functional teams to implement new technology and re-engineer processes in enrollment, member management, and appeals and grievances, resulting in improving operational efficiencies in enrollment processing timeliness, producing correspondence, and compliant resolution of appeals and grievances.  In addition to operational improvements such as reorganization, training, and process redesign, Michael has experience in implementing technological improvements including OCR, RPA, and improved use of data and analytics.  The results have included improved compliance with CMS regulations (e.g., application timeliness and reduction of appeals and grievances), improved enrollment rates, and increased efficiencies resulting in reduction of required FTEs. Michael is also skilled in vendor/software selection, responding to health plan RFIs/RFPs, and CMS regulatory requirements.