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Wendy Karsten

Executive Consultant

Wendy Karsten brings to the Rebellis Group and its clients more than 25 years of experience as a C-level executive, working on both the payor and the provider side of the health care industry and understanding the delicate balance between the two. This includes serving as CEO of both a highly successful health plan in North Texas and, immediately prior, a large medical foundation in Southern California. She also has extensive experience in start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, change management, and the regulatory intricacies of Medicare Advantage products.

Throughout her career Wendy has gained a reputation as a rational, strategic thinker who helps others see the big picture, formulate a clear vision, determine solid solutions, and build teams that execute on a vision in ways that help organizations meet or exceed their business goals. Her experience includes effectively working with a wide breadth of stakeholders including boards of directors, community leaders, elected officials, physicians, hospital executives, attorneys, accountants, staff, and vendors.

With a strong background in finance and analytics, Wendy has effectively lead teams that put technology to full use in various settings. This includes compliance teams that have excelled with CMS, customer service teams that have orchestrated five star customer service programs, sales teams that have achieved double digit growth, risk adjustment programs that have been achieved superior results, and the design of profitable CMS bids.

Wendy holds a Master of Arts degree in education from California State University Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Science in finance and economics from Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon.

Wendy Karsten
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