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David Mezzanotte

Executive Consultant

Dave has over 30 years of experience leading Sales and Marketing efforts with regional health plans in Medicare and Medicaid. As a Vice President of Sales for Government Programs, he helped establish a joint venture between two local New England health plans. During this time, he led Sales and Marketing systems, process and team integration, a new comprehensive approach to broker sales, and implementation of a true omni-channel capability across digital and telephonic sales leveraging AI capabilities. Dave also led the initial development of a comprehensive approach to capturing owned age-ins, leveraging multiple internal and external stakeholders. He also has experience leading Sales and Marketing across Medicaid and duals.


Dave spent 20 years in two different stints at a health plan nationally recognized for high quality across product lines including 8 years in a row obtaining the CMS 5 Star quality designation. During this time, he co-led the development of a joint venture with a local health system in Connecticut, built and executed on a 5 Star growth strategy, and constantly refined multi-channel go to market strategies to address changing competitive and consumer dynamic trends. Within that ongoing effort, there was a reengineering of the duals strategy that dramatically stimulated long term growth and the creation of an analytics capability to drive strategy development and execution.


Dave earned an MBA in Global Business from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, having learning experiences across Eastern and Western Europe and Mexico.

David Mezzanotte
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