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Stacey Friedman

Senior Consultant

Stacey has over 12 years of experience in healthcare quality management and data analytics and is a seasoned professional adept at driving strategic initiatives to enhance organizational performance and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. As a client executive, Stacey oversaw key client relationships, delivering top-tier service and consultation on retrieval and abstraction projects for RISK Adjustment and annual HEDIS projects. Her adeptness in fostering strong client relationships, diligently monitoring project progress, and ensuring adherence to complex regulatory frameworks was pivotal in crafting and executing successful customer strategies.


Stacey has held pivotal positions at leading healthcare organizations, where she spearheaded transformative projects to improve STAR Ratings, HEDIS metrics, and CAHPS/HOS survey scores.  In her role as a Director of HEDIS & Quality, Stacey achieved a remarkable increase in Star Ratings from 3.5 to 4 Stars for a Medicare Advantage Plan within a year, underscoring her proficiency in implementing targeted quality improvement initiatives. Stacey’s strategic acumen and hands-on leadership were evident in initiatives such as creating Value-Based Quality Agreements to drive provider engagement and overseeing the in-house transition of HEDIS medical record review and audit processes.


Stacey Friedman
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