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Nita Firestone

Senior Consultant

Nita is an accomplished leader with 15 years of experience in Medicare Advantage and Part D managed care. She oversaw the development of the compliance oversight structure for the largest single-state Medicare Advantage plan. Once established, she led the Medicare Advantage regulatory and communications oversight teams and guided four CMS program audits for the health plan, the latest of which in 2019 resulted in a perfect score in the Compliance Plan Effectiveness portion.

Nita has extensive regulatory and controls background, managing the submission of CMS applications, overseeing dozens of internal audits and CMS/OIG audits, developing corrective action plans, and implementing process improvements. One of her specialties is helping clients navigate complex regulatory guidance and providing strategic solutions which meet requirements with consideration to member experience and business cost.

Beyond compliance, Nita has spent her career in health plan leadership, training, and documentation, IT, and various operational roles.

Nita Firestone
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